A frustrating last few days… so, what’s new.

Post tsunami pic. Toshio Matsuura blog.

Dunno about that Ed Milliband! While the people around the country voted with their feet the “leader of the opposition” (can we call him that?) desperately tried to sidestep his relationship to the trade unions for chance he might be tainted by their resistance to Con-Dem policies and, bizarrely, acted like an android during an interview with a rather weak willed scribbler called Damon Green.

Following on from the National Health debacle, this is another big one for Cameron (is he botoxed?). Eric Pickles is in a serious pickle over Tory plans to cap on benefits as current estimates it will result in 40,000 people being made homeless . Seems like sections of the Uk population are being sucked into a rapidly spiraling downturn with the bleak human costs.

TALKING ABOUT BLEAK HUMAN COSTS. Six months after the quake and tsunami the Japan nuclear disaster is now generally regarded as on a par with Chernobyl. However, rather that it being regarded a global disaster that requires Global attention, an inept Tepco in Japan are still trying to get control off the three damaged reactors in Fukushima Diaichi Nuclear Power plant.

They recently confirmed that 3,500 gallons of contaminated water has escaped into the ground. Tepco say they are researching the fault. I would suggest, that anyone with half a brain knows it is damage caused by the earthquake not the tsunami and what’s gone into the ground will probably have also gone into the sea.

At the same time, over 80,000 people have been evacuated from the area and Dosimeters – personal radiation monitors – will be given to 34,000 children aged between four and 15 living in Fukushima city, 45 miles from the plant, after abnormally high radiation readings were recorded in the area.

Meanwhile, in the UK and in true Orwellian fashion, a bunch of emails have shown how the Con-Dem government is working hand in glove with the nuclear industry to massage public opinion. Surprise, surprise!

Check out former member of Tokyo based UFO, Toshio Matsuura’s blog from his visit to the Sendai disaster area. The impact of being there moved him to tears!


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