ANCIENT TO FUTURE: What is it… a tribute to the Art Ensemble?

This blog is, as it says, “Beyond Chaser…”, but when I reflect on it, it’s been initiated for the same reasons I started Straight No Chaser. I can’t help but engage with our shifting cultural, political and spiritual landscape. I like to chat, I love a good story and my interests run far and wide. So, as in the past, my I-dren have told me to shut up get scribbling. As such, Ancient To Future is a work in progress. I have to deal with what touches me right now… whether it’s music, films, dance, books… whatever. We also need to illuminate out own history and I definitely plan to dig into the Chaser archive and revive some stuff. And finally, I will also indulge my passion for esoteric Chinese martial arts and practices. Feedback is good… otherwise I’ll feel I’m just blindly adding to the mountains of digital garbage that’s out there on the net already.

Paul Brad 20.6.011

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  1. Jane Cornwell says:

    nice one Brad – ’bout time

  2. sabahsongs says:

    Glad I found you on WordPress. Nice. Rgds Joanna

  3. ben v says:

    Evening Bradders, good to see you’ve a new base for sharing knowledge.

    Chaser is still missed but eternal thanks for how without it SHOOK would have never come to be.

    See u bout LDN town sometime.

  4. Kate says:

    Paul Brad,

    Thanks for everything.

    Kate W

  5. claire moloney says:

    Hey sweetheart nice to see you writing again x

    • Paul Brad says:

      Hi Clare…
      And great to see you’re still reading stuff… I’ve been scribbling for wwww.mondomix.com but seems like what little dosh they had has dried up for the mo’… so, just I’m getting on with it… scribblin’ for myself, my friends and anyone else that’s interested…
      Gonna get Swift to help me tighten the “layouts” and do an original banner… it’s all good…. there’s a few nice stories on there… basically, no shite..

      How’s the family.? Taiyo is 15 now… how’s yours… still in Dublin? .I’ll mail you!

      Best… PB x

  6. Debbie Golt says:

    Very pleased to discover this – looking forward to reading your gems…. was via piece on ukvibes.co.uk ,,,,, excellent – debbie

  7. Chris Long says:

    Great to see you this evening…great to connect after all this time!
    I’ve signed up…

  8. Linked up today with your Boxing Day invitees and showed them a few samples… I can provide more! Peace Mr. Bradshaw for 2012 and beyond.

  9. Tony Poole says:

    Hola Paul

    Greetings from Espana. Just found your blog, great stuff… so looking forward to reading your words. I´m signed up for life. Good luck.

    Saludos mi amigo. TP

  10. laura says:

    Thank you so much for the reincarnation of Chaser. My musical endeavours hit a sad wall when that magazine left the shelves.

  11. Fish says:

    Hi Paul
    Great to land on your blog and find that chaser lives on
    …. was trying to track you down to have a chat – Can you give me a call? x Fish

  12. Hi Bradders,
    Really glad you’re doing this blog (and doing so well). Shame me, Claire and Amelia-Belle are going to miss you in Auckland – we head off from here on March 23rd. Catch you back in the Big Smoke! A x

  13. Steve Payne says:

    Just saw your article about Dalston/Stokey on the Pama forum – brilliant! If you saw me you’d recognise me, I used to buy when you were behind the counter at Maroon’s Tunes in Greek Street, and we often met in M&D. Lee is still in Stokey, I saw him a few months ago – sans locks! – get in touch if you want photographic evidence.

    All best,

    Steve P.

    • Paul Brad says:

      Excellent… nice to re-connect… been busy working on an “art-installation” documenting the evolution of the UK reggae scene in the UK… (see the most current piece…UK Reggae Nation: Reggae Changed My Life)…. I keep my eyes peeled for Lee when I’m out and about in Stokey/Dalston… but not seen him… Penny Reel said he saw him not too long ago… I’ll bet he’s still got loads of old stock. Yeah, pop me the photographic evidence on pb.chaser@gmail.com. What are you up to… still buying…

      Take It Easy, PB

      PS looked on the Pama Forum but couldn’t find the thread tom the piece… is a thread or just a mention?

  14. Jamal says:

    I miss Chaser sooooo much, I grew up with that magazine. I started collecting it from about the second edition. No other mag has touched it!!!!!! Happy to find this website/blog

  15. In a fortuitous turn of events, I stumbled onto your blog through a link on Saul William’s facebook page. A few minutes reading is enough to ensure many future visits! I love exploring the social/cultural/political landscape of our times and, quite honestly, don’t get enough feedback on some of my more “intellectual” (blah, I hate that word) posts.

  16. Onis says:

    Hi, I work for the BCA and i’m trying to get in contact with Paul. please email back at temp.user@bcaheritage.org.uk

  17. Pogus Caesar says:

    Hello PB, I’m sure our paths should have crossed a number of times. Onwards and best, PC

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