Random Bizniz

Not sure where this will go…  but I’m sure that there’s lots of stuff that’s buzzing around which will it’s way into ‘Random Bizniz’.

2 Responses to Random Bizniz

  1. Yeah Bradders – luvin it ! – i need a few hours to divulge whats already in here and you’ve only just started ! This blog is the new ‘straight no chaser’ – the son of chaser but much more so ! links to vids and pictures and websites make this experience so much richer and fuller ! embrace the new digital domain ! As ever much love coming your way and massive, massive gigantic super turbo charged RESPECT – your padwan and learner – Swifty

  2. roberta cutolo-adjaye says:

    I can only just say ‘ Bradders for President!!! ‘ totally agree with Sir Swifty…ciao

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