IT’S YOUR WORLD!: Play / Pray for Japan! The Sendai session!

When former UFO DJ Toshio Matsuura visited the North Japan in the wake of the disaster he was deeply affected and clearly motivated to help in whatever way he can. So, in a show of solidarity with the thousands of displaced people he, along with his compadres from Tokyo and Sendai, have organised various events. The Latest event – “It’s Your World” – took place on the 27th September at Club Shaft in Sendai.

Heading the line-up was Brownswood don, Gilles Peterson. He is engaged in making a Radio 1 documentary about what he has described as “an unforgettable trip” and on the night the DJ declared it was the perfect place to celebrate his birthday. He was in good company, with a host of fellow DJs including Toshio Matsuura, Shuya Okino (Kyoto Jazz Massive), Mitsu The Beats (GAGLE/JAZZY SPORT), Grooveman Spot (ENBULL/Jazzy Sport/Tettory BLK), DJ Mu-R (GAGLE/JAZZY SPORT), DJ MARCY (LITTLE BIRD from FUKUSHIMA) & DJ KAWADA (Sendai Jazz Messengers).

Following the event we have had yet another stark reminder of the volatile nature of the situation in Japan. Earlier today, another another powerful 5.6 magnitude earthquake shook the ground beneath the severely damaged nuclear power station in Fukushima and while TEPCO say all is well at the plant it is clear that many international experts are adamant that the world still does not know the true extent of the nuclear crisis in Japan.

Last month, Christopher Busby, a professor with the European Committee on Radiation Risks, declared, “The concentrations of the radio nuclides on the ground – even as far as 100 and more kilometers away from the plant – are very much higher than they have been saying.” He added, “We found one sample in Tokyo that had levels of radioactivity higher than levels in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.”

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