Dem Never Love…. Dem Never Love Poor Marcus….

MARCUS MOSIAH GARVEY lived a remarkable and turbulent life and considering there is a weight of literature and a portion of original film footage it’s somewhat surprising that nobody has made a serious feature film about this man’s life. Marcus had two stints in London, both of which are well documented by Marcus’s biographer, Colin Grant. It was was during his last stay in London, when he was regular but controversial orator at Speakers Corner, that he received news from America that he had died and was the subject of numerous obituaries. Following this premature announcement of his death Garvey became increasingly incoherent and died three weeks later on the 10th June 1940. He was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery.

According to Amy Ashwood, one of Garvey’s followers, on the night he passed away she had been disturbed by a dream. Garvey beckoned her to the yard at the back of the house:  ‘There I saw him on the scaffold[ing] of a big ship driving rivets into its side. After he completed his task, he turned to me and cried out loud ‘Build for Africa, work for Africa.’ Deep story!

Seventy two years later, in line with Jamaica50, there have been numerous celebrations around Marcus’ birthday – August 17th.  His Back To Africa vision and the movement he built has  earned him the status of prophet by the Rastafari and we can give thanks and praises to Large Up TV for touching down on the shores of Port Royal in JA and enlisting  roots legend, Fred Locks, to count down the Toppa Top 10 reggae songs about Marcus Garvey.

The Ancient To Future addition to Live Up’s Marcus Garvey Toppa 10 has to be Sky High & The Mau Mau present ‘Marcus Garvey Chant: Words & Sound’ feat. Yami Bolo and the spoken words of Marcus Garvey.

For more info : Produced and Shot by Martei Korley

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  1. Oli b says:

    Good post Paul. Cheers

  2. Greetings!

    Please support the exoneration of Marcus Garvey:

    One Love,
    Geoffrey Philp

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