WILLIAM ADAMSON: Moonlit Visions & East Coast Pathways


“The slug trails of idea, half-truth and the untold. Catching the light of the full moon, crisscrossing each other on the path. We set about devising a map with places of which we had heard, through some chance visits and low sky directions. A mental map stretched down to Orford in the south, Southwold in the north and inland for twenty miles or so in the county of Suffolk on the east horn of the UK. A man was walking. A dog had been prowling, men readied for an apocalypse. Was the sea telling stories? Old songs and new roads, coughing, standing spitting, while we squinted into one of the hollows of England.”

At last, the phenomena that is Willam Adamson steps boldly into our electronica and beat ridden landscape. As the words above suggest this is a raw and immersive venture that follows in footsteps of WG Sebald and stems from the pen of one Robert Gallagher. A bard with roots off the Kingsland Road, a city watcher, a veteran of that ‘Saturday Morning Rush’, a runner… Rob G aka Earl Zinger is a man with a poetic and musical history.

Indeed, back in time, coinciding with the ecstasy fuelled sunrise sessions and the globalisation of Rave, there was once a feisty and intuitively radical crew called Galliano who sported earth boots, suede trimmed Gabicci’s and offered a highly individual skank. It was there that Rob G, as he is known to brethren, honed his skills. Seek out his paean to ‘Twyford Down’ as it points to a path, an energy line, that in 2013 touches down on the county of Suffolk – ‘Under An East Coast Moon’.

Suffolk is home to the studio of the man called Demus. A dub master, a Co-op contender and difference-engineer behind challenging and wayward souls like Zed-U and Little Skinny. Demus + Rob G = 2Bo4 /Two Banks Of Four, the production team , the primal force, that brought this compelling concept – ‘Under An East Coast Moon’ – to life. Of course, they had help from a host of talented friends like Tom Skinner, Finn Peters, Shawn Lee, Tom Rodwell, Tom Herbert, Gil Cang, Valerie Etienne and Alice Grant, and the sounds they create are most welcome as winter gives way to that new burst of life that is spring.

And finally let us give thanks that Gilles Peterson has the vision and the means to deliver the journey of William Adamson to a new and unsuspecting audience.

‘Under an East Coast Moon’ will be released on CD / Digital Download on 4th March 2013 via Brownswood Recordings. Naturally, an alternative “Discomix” version of the album will be released on crisp, heavyweight vinyl LP

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3 Responses to WILLIAM ADAMSON: Moonlit Visions & East Coast Pathways

  1. weirdjazz says:

    It might be nice to give proper respect to WG Sebald whose book “The Rings of Saturn” is a 1995 travelogue which is the account of a narrator, also named W. G. Sebald, on a walking tour of Suffolk. I would recommend it wholeheartedly and I assume that Rob would to, as he’s coopted the title.

  2. Paul Brad says:

    Greetings Weird Jazz brother… a massive thanks for illuminating the inspirational source that is WG Sebald. Personally, and maybe to my shame, I have never read the man’s work. I have only been to Suffolk a couple of times, but in saying that and in relation to this album, I have to admit to one herbally induced, ghost/spirit-like encounter in a holiday-let that was formerly the Bear Inn – a former haunt of roughnecks, vagabonds and smugglers who enjoyed cockfights and bear baiting. However, ‘The Rings Of Saturn’ is a most enticing Sun Ra like title that has now been added to my reading list.

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