The Rise Of Chronixx has been a joy to watch.

Initially, it was Pierre Bost at VP records who told me watch out for a conscious new generation yout’ called Chronixx and right now he is definitely on the rise and working it old skool with a nu-skool mindset.


Jamar Rolando McNaughton Jr aka Chronixx is 22 years old and his rep grew consistently throughout 2012 as he gained local airplay, performed at Reggae Sumfest and featured on the Major Lazer-curated mixtape ‘Start a Fire’. In 2013, hard on the heels of ‘Here Comes Trouble’, he toured the UK and the US with his Zincfence Redemption Band as well as performing in Kenya as a Peace Ambassador during the country’s general election.

Chronixx operates his own ZincFence Recordz production house along with producer Romain “Teflon” Arnett and co-producer/engineer Ricardo “Shadyz” Lynch and this year’s ‘Dread & Terrible’ EP, topped the Billboard Top Reggae Albums chart, helped him notch up a bunch of awards and earned him a session on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show.

Like the Rasta youth who are camapaigning to save Pinnacle from developers Chronixx and his crew are organised. They shoots vids and film “the making of…”. A few weeks back a friend e.mailed me from JA and said check out the new Protoje/ Chronixxs single, ‘Who Knows’, as the vid kicks off in her front yard. I was hooked from the off… Protoje arrives with Big Youth at the wheel of his car and Chonixx steps up looking crisp and crooning the hook line. Yes, this is a different generation and they’ve graduated from the Ace 90 skank and CB200 to a next level.

ZinFence Redemption are working band, not unlike The Wailers – who clearly provide a template for their rootical vision. Check out the You Tube films that document their US tour… including the Jimmy Fallon show… and I think you’ll agree that Chronixx and his posse are sharp, intelligent and on a mission.

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  1. ninamiranda says:

    Very Nice indeed!

    Sent from my


  2. walt says:

    From Billboard Magazine this week: “Chronixx’s forthcoming album, tentatively titled Ancient Future is due in spring/summer 2015.”

    Cosmic co-incidence or wha’?

    Blessings and niceness.

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