HAPPINESS is 180 gram double vinyl!

HAPPINESS is 180 gram double vinyl… seen!

"As I get older I think I'm shrinking!"

“As I get older I think I’m shrinking!”

The boys at Gearbox just mailed me this shot of my rapidly shrinking self, clutching ‘Nucleus with Leon Thomas’ in their supa audiophile studio. This terrific unreleased live session is led by the late Ian Carr and features a wikkid Chris Spedding on guitar and John Marshall on drums alongside the mighty vocals of Leon Thomas. Recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1970 it had been languishing in some deep dark record company vaults and gathering dust until the duo rescued the tapes, subjected them to a form of mystical analogue alchemy, and then transferred it all onto 180 gram vinyl. Once in my hands it proved conclusively that heavy vinyl is an unquantifiable source of happiness!

PS: Watch of for a forthcoming duet recording of saxophonist Binker Golding and drummer Moses Boyd aka ‘Dem Ones’. Taking time out from working with Zara Macfarlane they recorded it live in Mark Ronson’s studio where it was transferred directly into the audiophile haven of the Gearbox studio. Sax and drum duets… 2015 style… feeling it!

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2 Responses to HAPPINESS is 180 gram double vinyl!

  1. Mike Wolfe says:

    How could a record company let that quality goodness languish away like that!?!?

  2. Paul Brad says:

    As record companies change hands a lot of them don’t really know what they’ve got…. Darrel at Gearbox pulled out the original reel to reel tape and you could just
    imagine it gathering dust in a warehouse somewhere. They knew of the recording and then it was a case of detective work to find it. And for that we can give thanx ’cause, as you say, there’s ’nuff “goodness” on those two records.

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