DEEP JAZZZ QUIZ…. How did you do?

The DEEP JAZZ QUIZ was posted on Dec 15th and as I’ve said… a lot of the answers to those deeper questions were to be found in the back issues of Straight No Chaser….  others, are for some people, common knowledge… hope you had fun…. taking it from the top…

Roy Ayers & Lester Bowie : Having seen the bombings of the churches in Nigeria this Xmas I was reminded of the Roy Ayers interview where he told us  that traveling in the north of Nigeria in the bus which carried Fela & Egypt 80 was stoned as they passed through some towns.

Ron Carter : Loved seeing him play in the Red Hot sessions

Q Tip: Q Tip  & Esperanza… gotta be good!

Check La Rima: For sure.

Drums: Bohannon… Bohannon




Jazz Funk / Southern Freeez : Sound of London 1981

Eagles: I now need to dig  ‘Thembi’ out and spin it…

Paul Horn  / Inside (The Taj Mahal):   That came out of a very difficult  interview with Pharoah… he was “not qualified” to answer most of my question and was on the verge of nodding when I ashed him how he got sounds from the horn when not blowing…





John Coltrane’s band circa ‘Ole’ : Terry Callier in the Brownswood studio … one revelation after the other

David Crosby: Terry Callier was the catalyst for The Byrds…. he introduced David Crosby to Jim McGuin who, at that time, was playing with Miriam Makeba. Deep.

Mike Nock:  Brother John…. tune ... and one GP’s fave players.

Louis Armstrong: Check The Drum magazine for the pic we ran in Chaser.

Duke Ellington: Respect was due!

Dizzy Gillespie: Rude bwoy!







Reid Miles / Alfred Lion : Blue Note!

94.2 : Chris Phillips can still sing the Invicta jingle.

Val Wilmer: Great photographer and ‘As Serious As Your Life’ is one unique and compelling readfree jazz and the Loft scenebig respect.

Sam Rivers: Sadly Sam Rivers just passed away … 86 years old…. he and his wife Beatrice were the foundation of the NYC Loft Scene… check out those Wildflowers albums







750cc Kawasaki: Lester traded in his 650 BSA for a state of the art water cooled Japanese bike.

Thelonious Monk :  The film: Straight No Chaserthe opening shot in the club… stubbing out his cigarette as he’s playing…

















Gato Barbieri  / Argentina : Love that album… and the Flying Dutchman LPs.

African Rhythms Club: Randy’s biography….essential read… an illuminating and fascinating life that will have you seekin’ out his albums.

Terminal Island: The authorities wanted to throw away the key to Flora’s cell… thanks to John Lennon’ s lawyer they couldn’t!

Poncho Sanchez / Mongo Santamaria : Two tremendous … HOT… Sunday afternoons…

Working Week : Watch the video for ‘Venceremos’… The Wag… classic!

Back Street Kids: Gilles and I (and Mark Webster?) were judges at the ringside… it was a very fraught afternoon!

Talvin Singh: Talvin & the mighty Ra at The Hackney Empire.. still just love the idea of it and there is a recording….

Spatial AKA Orchestra: Expect good things in 2012!

Martha & The Vandellas : Dancing In The Street: Word is they drove the teenage drummer to Detroit from NYC to play on the track



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