WARNING! Beware the Blandford Fly… Vicious little fuckahs migrate to the ‘hood!

Last year, I was training outside in Camden and sustained a bunch of nasty bites. I thought, is it me that’s just susceptible to these little bastards? No-else seemed to be getting bitten. I finally sussed out that it was a tiny black fly that seemed to hover as riding the air currents. Further research revealed it was the the dreaded Blanford Fly or “Blanny Bomber” as its known in Dorset. After a sustained attempt to eradicate it in and around Blanford Forum it has now migrated to the ‘hood!

An enlargement of the bloodsucking Blandford Fly!

Just this morning, I crushed two of these 2-3 mm bloodsucking black flys. Its bites  often occur on the legs, as they tend to hover at that height  – but believe me not exclusively – and are  painful. Expect a severe localised reaction around the area of the bite….  swelling, blistering… even a high temperature / fever and joint pain.

Hackney people… you have been warned!

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3 Responses to WARNING! Beware the Blandford Fly… Vicious little fuckahs migrate to the ‘hood!

  1. docdenbow says:

    I think me and the wife got clobbered by these, she’s in agony – I’m just covered in red spots from my knees to my toes…….

  2. E says:

    The little cunt got me in Hyde park training someone my legs are covered does anti hystamine creams work

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