Harriet Tubman: Trane, Ornette… the Underground Railroad 2011

Thanks to a facebook post from the ever fantastic Cassandra Wilson I’ve latched onto Harriet Tubman – the dynamic trio of Brandon Ross (who plays with Cassandra. Wadada Leo Smith…), the prolific Melvin Gibbs (Defunkt, Decoding Society, Punk Funk All stars…Black Rock Coalition) and the deep’n’funky drummer JT Lewis. Upon discovering they’d “doubled-up” their line up to mirror and embrace the spirit of Ornette’s ‘Free Jazz’ line up by recruiting turnatablists DJ Logic and DJ Singe along with living legend and trumpeter Ron Miles and recorded a new album entitled ‘Ascension’…which references Trane’s mind blowing Impulse classic… I had to step up and order a copy from the States! So, depending on transatlantic post (I think it still travels by boat!) expect a full blown account of this venture to drop in the next 2 or 3 weeks!

About Paul Brad

Freelance journalist / Publisher / Editor - Straight No Chaser magazine / Editor - L FM : Broadcasting In A Pandemic - Gilles Peterson (Worldwide FM) / Publisher: From Jazz Funk & Fusion to Acid Jazz: A History Of The UK Jazz Dance Scene by Mark 'Snowboy' Cotgrove / Music Fan: Interplanetary Sounds: Ancient to Future / Cultural Event Consultant & Activist / Nei Jia practitioner
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5 Responses to Harriet Tubman: Trane, Ornette… the Underground Railroad 2011

  1. liz johnson artur says:

    Hi Paul….just found you in blog land….very nice….i spend last night digging through your inspirations….although i still miss the printed pages of chaser….your blog makes me miss it less…..keep well Liz……http://lizjohnson-artur.blogspot.com/

    • Paul Brad says:

      Hi Liz… hope all’s good with you… no earners out there on the scribbling front so I’m doin’ it for myself and my friends and anyone who’s interested… there’s always so-o-o-o much to write about… and I like to write more than 140 words! it’s a crazy world… I posted the poster of ?uest’s /Red Bull / Afro Picks session and he must have reweeted it – I got 2000 hits!!.. most of whom seem to look and the poster and the vanish back into the digital landscape. Still teaching? I’m still trying to find someone to do a Chaser book… any ideas? See you around sometime.. . best, Paul Brad x

      • liz johnson artur says:

        yes digital landscape is a funny one….people come and they go….to me its seems the attention span is very short…but hey…not much one can do about it….anyhow…i am looking at the moment for teaching work…my course got axed…but as soon as i get something i ll get back to you…would be good to get your experience ….anyhow with the book…hmm its not an easy one…i ve been working on mine for ages…but to be honest…publishers are only interested in things that sell…in numbers…anyhow…iam thinking of doing self publishing…but of course this means getting the money to do it….but for chaser…may be it would make more sense to look outside the UK….as they say….homegrown things are sometimes not enough appreciated at home….may be try germany….they do have big appreciation for the things the chaser represented….iam going to berlin in the next couple of month…will see some people…if i meet someone who could be interesting for you….ill let you know….be good liz

    • Paul Brad says:

      Hi Liz… the Black Balloon looks great… added it to my blogroll. nice. PB x

  2. Paul Brad says:

    All good… if you do self publish… I can definitely give you a few tips… laters, PB x

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