Following the debut of Word Sound & Power – Reggae Changed My  Life  (Stage 1)  at the Bass Culture/Roundhouse forum, The people have spoken and we have released the premiere edition of  our  UK Sound System Map.

Drawing on an 18 page list of UK sound systems this a non definitive, cross generational, rootical selekshaan from Duke Vin onwards!

Soon come:   Sound system maps for  London… Midlands…. Respect to all Sound System operators…. this is just the beginning.

None Shall Escape The Judgement.

This digital print is 290mm (w) x 390mm (h) and printed on Epson watercolour paper… Fits in an IKEA Ribba frame (40 x 50). Nice!

Cost:   £45.00

To buy: http://www.swifty.co.uk/emporium_ltd%20edition_2.html

Swifty & I are working on Word Sound & Power – Reggae Changed My Life (Stage 2) and plan to debut  this over the summer at the Bass Festival in Birmingham and at the British Music Experience at the 02 alongside  an exhibition, currently showing at the Grammy Museum in LA –  Bob Marley: The Messenger

About Paul Brad

Freelance journalist / Publisher / Editor - Straight No Chaser magazine / Editor - L FM : Broadcasting In A Pandemic - Gilles Peterson (Worldwide FM) / Publisher: From Jazz Funk & Fusion to Acid Jazz: A History Of The UK Jazz Dance Scene by Mark 'Snowboy' Cotgrove / Music Fan: Interplanetary Sounds: Ancient to Future / Cultural Event Consultant & Activist / Nei Jia practitioner
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25 Responses to OUT NOW! DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND! WORD, SOUND & POWER: UK Sound System Map

  1. Humblelion says:

    Bredrin. Aba Shanti-I is from East London NOT Bristol

    • Paul Brad says:

      Greetings… thanks for your correction to the “map” … got my cross referencing mixed up… apparently there was a sound in Bristol in the late 70/80s called Aba Shanti….and according to Reggaepedia there was also an Aba Shanti in Stokie in the 70s… so, big apologies and we will correct the map immediately. Any other comments on the “maps” are definitely welcome… and when we put together the maps for different areas – London … Midlands etc… we’d like to consult as Aba Shanti I are out there on the front line 2012. Respect… PB

  2. Rebel Lion says:

    Norwich has other sounds who should be on there – Rebel Lion, Foundation Sound and Free King – give thanks

  3. Mistertobes says:

    One Foot Skank Sound System outta Bury St Edmunds

  4. Freedom Soundsystem in Bangor, Tribulation Rockers the old timers, we’re the new champs 😉

  5. puppa dope says:

    I love it but 45£ is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE king… 20-25£ would have been a fair price and i would have buy it 😦

    • Paul Brad says:

      greetings… nothing is fixed in stone and all feedback is welcome on price… and content. thanx… PB

      • puppa dope says:

        Im not a big specialist, but i see missing Jah Waggy’s in southend on sea, pretty sure they’re there with a system… Also Kibir La Amlak would be worth mentionning, not sure where they are from though…

        And about the price you got my opinion 😉 Might even buy two if you make them 20£ !

        Big up for the works anyway, love the idea and the looks ! Respects !

  6. sebrootsrenegadesound says:

    Big ups on the map, so what is the actual price cos I’m up for getting a print!

  7. Liam Jempson says:

    long time bristol veterans JAH LOKKO SOUNDYSTEM + kibir la amlak soundsystem, need to be added, alongside many more… please let me know what how we can be of help

    • Paul Brad says:

      Indeed… the map is selective and part of a work in progress… we’ve done a pretty comprehensive London one that will continue to be tweaked… and working a midlands one… so a west of England map Bristol, Swindon, Gloucester + Cardiff + wherever else – is vital. The maps are part of an arts council funded exhibition we did at the British Music Experience in the summer …it covers around 80 ft of wall space and deals with the evolution of ska/reggae in the UK. Again not definitive and want to add to it wherever we go. Not been able to lock down a spot in Bristol yet but looking to do that. Take it easy. PB

  8. Thomas Leman says:

    King earthquake from birmingham and sequoia from sheffield would be welcome additions.

  9. Noel says:


  10. Noel says:

    love playing Roots and culture and spreading the word to the people

  11. Adrian says:

    Lionheart sound system from Southend on sea. Should be on there. Been around 19 years now

  12. patrick IOJ says:

    INSTRUMENT OF JAH sound from middlesbrough north east uk is not listed

  13. Sharon Bubbla says:

    Oh my gosh, only 3 sounds from Leeds mentioned…. whoever researched this map don’t know the sound system scene well enuf, what happen to Isaiah, Jungle, Maverick and more lol… and not to mention many other regions where sounds are missing, might be useful to start the map again lol. Respect for the attempt same way tho !

  14. Majestic says:

    Majestic Sound System from Exeter

  15. Daddy Razor says:

    From BATTERSEA , SW11
    HISTORY ! (Established 2010)

    Daddy Razor the co-owner of Razor & Sly aka Governor Turbo Matic Sound.
    G.T.M Sound was formed by Junior Dread in 1990. Daddy Razor started to manage the sound from 1994, When he recruited Supa Sly. In1995 he recruited Cydus Irie .

    After 20 Years of playing the sound of G.T.M Daddy Razor & Supa Sly decided to form there own sound Razor & Sly aka G.T.M.

  16. Earl Freedom says:

    Freedom Masses Sound System, The Original Dub Advertiser from Manchester
    Freedom Masses Sound System was started back in the early 80s by Jahmi X and Professor P . They had served their apprenticeship way back in the mid to late 70s , when they were both in different sound systems .Brother Yasin joined the team in the early 90’s. As well as playing with the local sounds from the North West and numerous yrs as resident dj’s in the Band On The Wall throughout the 90’s,countless nights at the famous Hacienda Club ,Zoo club, Club Underground Umist. Freedom Masses have shared dance arenas with likes of Jah Shaka, Jah Baron , Quaker City, Fatman, Jungleman , Jah Tubby’s. EarthRocker, Iration Seppas, Entebbe ,King Earthquake ,Jah Warrior ,Channel 1 ,Manaseh ,Abashanti I ,Jah Youth ,Word Sound & Power,Makaya, FairShare Unity ,Jah Voice ,plus too many others to mention.
    Freedom Masses have released 3 albums, Free Dominion , Version Of Peace, 1 CD Life a Ruff and a 7” single I Am Who I am, which is now a collectors’ piece! All these were recorded, mixed and produced by Professor P at Jungle Studio, featuring Jungle studio all stars.
    Freedom Masses have, over the years, supported many charitable and community organisations including recent participation in the Jah Works Roots and Culture Unification Dub Cup in the Midlands, to support “100 Black Men” a charity that helps young people.
    Freedom Masses have their own particular flavour of sound, vibes, style and dub-ability that has been rocking dance arenas around the uk year to year

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