Black Queens, White Lies, Red Herrings…. take a trip to the coast!

Go on & treat yourself… after all, Spring is in the air and it is the  Queen’s Jubilee! Head on down to the south coast in search another Queen –   The Queen Charlotte, the “liveliest new arts and entertainment venue” in Ramsgate where you will find Black Queens, White Lies, Red Herrings, an exhibition by Dick Jewell – an artistic ragamuffin if ever there was one.

Sadly, I missed the opening for  Black Queens, White Lies, Red Herrings but one can be sure that will be some excellent and most controversial pieces on display from this wayward film maker, photographer and  montage artist…. the last time I saw him he was talking someone through the reggae  soundtrack to his Super 8 film of skinheads in Brick Lane in the Seventies. Have I said enough?

To view Dick’s works and then partake of fine wines and choice beers you need to locate The Queen Charlotte at 57 Addington Street. It’s open  Thurs & Friday (5.30 – 11pm) +  Saturday (5.30 – 12pm) and the show continues until April 7th.

You can check out Dick’s site –– for a little taste …. and as a staunch republican I’m definitely lovin’ that flyer!

Art Contact at the Queen Charlotte:

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6 Responses to Black Queens, White Lies, Red Herrings…. take a trip to the coast!

  1. Oscar Romp says:

    This looks really interesting, would love to see it…Paul will you be going down there again soon? I reach back to UK on March 26th. If you intend to go there again while the show is still on please let me know, maybe I couls accompany you? Never bin to Ramsgate before. A bit off my radar. Would like to take a look. Best, O

  2. Nubian Queen says:

    Hi Paul, who is the person in the picture because it is not Queen Charlotte?

  3. Dick Jewell says:

    She’s a girl from Be (on the Gulf of Guinea) I found her in Gert Chesi’s book VooDoo, and then dressed her in the accoutrements of the British monarchy

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