In the tradition of the legendary Shaw Brothers’ kung fu classics comes a brand new indie martial arts movie that’s located not in Hong Kong but in London’s China Town.  IRON MONK  is produced by veteran stuntman and actor Jason Ninh Cao and features 34th generation Shaolin Master Yanzi Shi in the lead role. Unlike the current wave of martial art epics from China … Ip Man, Fearless, Bodyguards &Assassins… there are no wires, no CGI. Both the film’s director, Mat Sunderlandand, it’s fight choreographer, Vincent Wang, maintain all the action is 100% authentic. In his daily life Shifu Yanzi Shi is the currently the head monk at the ShaolinTemple UK in Tufnell Park  but in this film he plays a Shaolin monk who tries to spread a message of peace and zen in Chinatown. Unfortunately, his opposition to drugs and prostitution attract the attention and ire of the local Triads who become  determined to destroy the monk and his peaceful teachings once and for all. And as cinematic history has shown we all know where that leads. Coming soon to the big screen.

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