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Pre Dawn scribblings on a trip to Aotearoa… this is Part 1… Nuff more to come!

It’s 3.15 am. I’ve been off the digital radar for the past ten days.  Swifty and I were working on a couple of British Council funded projects in Aukland, New Zealand aka Aotearoa. Arrived back in London town  yesterday. Got … Continue reading

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Shocking! Listen to Arnie Gunderson’s Fukushima Update

Chatting with a friend last night she raised the issue of nuclear power in Japan and what a relief it must be that they’ve finally shut down the nuclear power plants in Japan. While that’s all good, an ongoing disaster … Continue reading

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To tell the truth, when we arrived at the Hayward Gallery to check the double header of David Shrigley and Jeremy Deller I knew very little about either. Basically, I knew Shrigley was one whimsical dude while Deller had studied … Continue reading

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Pinnacle & The First Rasta … the story of Leonard ‘Gong’ Howell

Following on from her celebrated book –  The First Rasta –  my long time friend, French music journalist and occasional contributor to Straight No Chaser, Hélène Lee,  has collaborated with Christophe Farnarier, and directed a compelling portrait of Leonard “Gong” Howell’s … Continue reading

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It’s one year on from the Tohoku tsunami and earthquake disaster and in the wake of the stirring images and stories that have reached us I am  more than hacked off with a bunch of pro nuclear power scribblers who are … Continue reading

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Sweet Baadasssss Melvin Van Peebles & Occupy!

Coinciding with famed film director Melvin Van Peebles lending his voice to the Occupy Wall Street Movement is the rumour that the radical OG was “the first African American trader on the floor at the Wall Street Stock Exhange.” Personally, … Continue reading

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A little show of Resistance that failed to make the headlines! Wonder why?

My good friend and photographer Kristian Buus was on the case on Monday as the Health and Care Bill, which has been passed by the British Parliament, is now due to go to the House of Lords. In protest against … Continue reading

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